Sunday 23rd November

Following on from the launch of the Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta for the Australia Day weekend in 2015, at least 17 yachts took to the water in sunny weather with a moderate and steady 7 to 10 knot breeze from the South West and open ocean into the Anderson Inlet beach. As usual the yachts brightened up the beach as were the sailors with the near perfect sailing conditions for the Knights of Leongatha Toyota Series.

The results were:
A class
1st Rob McNair: WindrushCatamaran
2nd Craig Stewart: Mosquito Catamaran
3rd  Wayne Smith: Windrush Catamaran

B class    ( Shortened course )
1st   Matt Kiely: Impulse
2nd  Garry Plozza: Laser
3rd  Ivan Abbott: Impulse

C  class
1st   Oscar Llewellyn: Maverick Sabre
2nd  Aaron Lopez-Freeman: Minnow

A class
1st  Rob McNair: Windrush Catamaran
2nd Craig Stewart:  Mosquito Catamaran
3rd  Wayne Smith: Windrush Catamaran

B Class
1st  Matt Kiely: Impulse
2nd Garry Plozza: Laser
3rd Keith Cousens: Impulse

C Class
1st   Abbey Argus-Smith: Laser
2nd  Oscar Llewellyn: Sabre

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