SGYC Online membership application and renewal

If you are a new member or have moved and need to add a new address please complete the following contact information, otherwise move on to the next section.

All SAILING members of your family must be registered with YV/YA.

Please provide details of other members of your family.

Family member 1

Family member 2

Family member 3

Family member 4

Applications for boat storage will be received by the committee and any difficulties disputes will be heard in person by the committee. If it is established that your boat is not used regularly, it may be moved to another rack or you may be requested to remove it from the compound. If allocated rack storage, your trailer must be removed from the compound.



SGYC Family membership also includes sailing/ non sailing spouse and children/youth up to 25

Joining Fee $85
Adult/Family sailing membership $300
Single student sailing membership (over 18) $230
Single youth sailing membership (18 & under at 1/7 of each year $160
Boat Storage (if available) $90
Non Sailing Membership $60
Youth Development Fund Donation Optional

Payment details will be provided upon submitting your application

As part of the new rules for Clubs around Victoria it is now a requirement that all club members have a current ‘working with childrens check’.
When renewing or opening a new membership, along with the standard forms, if you could click on this link and have a check undertaken.

Click here to go get the application underway
It is a painless process and shouldn't take to long to get going.


All members must obey the Rules and Safety Regulations. The SGYC accepts no liability in any accident. Boats are to be insured at owners expense. Members are expected to attend working bees and fulfil their obligations as race office during the season.


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